Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dorm Room Layout 1 (Picture Below)

This dorm room setup you see looks pretty basic and boring, but it is far from it. A normal dorm room layout provides you with 2 desks, 2 beds that are low to the ground at first, 2 drawers for clothes for each person and sometimes 2 closets based on the school you are attending. This layout has both beds elevated off the ground (lofted) to maximize space.  This allows you to put furniture or other dorm room items underneath them. Under one bed put a set of drawers side by side for clothing storage and use them as a stand for a TV and a video game console. We also have our surround sound up there and the room phone behind the TV because they are worthless so you should save space. Next to those drawers, put a mini fridge with a microwave on top, and this will take up about all of the width underneath the bed.  Underneath the other bed, we have a futon that folds from a couch to a bed in seconds. these are very nice because it supplies ample space to sit with guests and also gives spots for 2 people to sleep. We have 2 people sleep on the futon and one on the bed above it and use the second bed for storage. Sounds gay but you will learn to love your roommates, plus futons are pretty comfortable.  But if you don't feel comfortable sleeping with another person of the same sex (which there is nothing wrong with) you can just use the bed above the TV and Fridge to sleep on.  We, however, use that bed for storage. We have the other drawers stacked next to the the futon with one of desk next to it. You can put a stereo system or whatever you want to on top of the drawers. For a little extra fun, we have a strobe light and disco ball up there for when the ladies come over, or for you girls it can be for when the sexy guys come over. :) The other desk is parallel against the other wall to maximize space. I suggest another set of cheap, plastic drawers next to that desk for more storage, and we have a trunk in front of the futon so we can eat on it, place our laptops on to work from the futon, rest our legs on it, and store food in it. We have 3 trash cans spread out throughout the room because we are too lazy to take them out every other day. Make sure you buy a cheap half-body length mirror, because you won't want to walk to the bathroom each time to check yourself out.  You will also find it handy to bring 2-3 surge protectors for your appliances and cell phone/laptop chargers. The final touches to the room include posters throughout the room, a few rugs to spice it up, and a small, plastic basketball hoop hanging from the door for all you guys. We have had some fun with that for sure and you can check out our dorm room dunking video on youtube and get an idea of our layout and how tight it is. Click on  this link to see it Dorm Room Dunking.